Gary Lyle Wood

Sinds 1994 onderhoud ik warme contacten met een Amerikaanse vriend, Gary Wood.
De inmiddels gepensioneerde Gary heeft een bewogen leven achter de rug en werkte
onder andere in de Walt Disney studios. Z’n wortels liggen in de staat Califiornia, maar tegenwoordig woont hij met z’n Ramona in een klein houten huisje op een helling in de Appalachen, West Virginia, bij het plaatsje Dunmore. Gary is een diep gelovig mens die dat graag in zijn kunstwerken laat uitkomen. Hij is nog steeds actief.

Since 1994 I have a warm contact with an American friend, Gary Wood. The retired Gary have had an affected life and worked in the Walt Disney studios. His roots are in California, but at the moment he lives with his Ramona in a little wooden house
near Dunmore on a slope of the Apalachen mountains, West Virginia. Gary is a deeply religious man. He shows it often in his artwork. He is still doing art.

From his childhood, God gave him the talent and will to do art. He did and has never stopped. Gary studied art at the ‘Art Center’ in the Los Angeles California area of the U.S. He also studied in the State of Minneapolis. MN. with the late Charles Schultz of ‘Charley Brown’. He has been trained in all mediums, but prefers pastels for portraits. He now works mostly with colored pencil for Native American History.


The series of four colored pencil paintings (above) were created using observations from the
Bible, spiritual intellect, emotions and his subconscious, together to create one visual statement of
this four paintings to you, the viewer of Surrealism Paintings.
It’s been said by Surrealists, that such painting “is a way through the extraordinary;
beyond the real.”

1. ‘The Creation’s world in his Hand’; origin of the Solar System, by the hand of
Christ the Creator, with 4 day old Sun in the middle Milkey Way as Nebula Gas
clouds in the background.
2. ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’; Lion like staring eyes in darkness of space.
Crusifeid hands caress the Church as seen as white lilies (Hosea 14 :5) Old Prophecy.
3. ‘Living Water, The Water of Life’; Eternal flow of pure life to (the sea) mortal beings,
is Jesus the Christ, with gentle eyes looking on in a cloud of Nebula Gas.
4. ‘The Judgement, His Coming!’; Hand distortedly pointing to right and/or left,
for final judgement. Symbolic scene of good and evil. And clouds on throne,
Saint going home!


New art of my friend Gary;



Left painting title: ICU Dali

Right painting title: Portrait of Dali

Burst of Folk Art

A wee village

12573“Beneath the Underbrella Tree.”


14446216_10154668672114040_5943090807415783552_n1kopie      “Serenity.”


Revealed collection



Genie style portrait


Genie style portrait


New hardline abstract of Gary of a series of butterflies named Diaethria



The  younger artist Gary L Wood

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A gift of my American friend ‘Adri’s best in Yokut’s bowl’